Frequently Asked Questions


Q. How do I register my Feather-Raft or request a manufacture certificate of origin?

A. Fill out this form: Product Registration and Manufacturer Certificate of Origin Request

Q. When will the molded EPP model of the Feather-Raft be available?

A.  On February 15th 2020, the Kickstarter ended without successfully funding. We are seeking other means of funding to get into commercial production. 

Q. When will the rotational molded model be available? 

A. On June 4th 2020, we were informed that the roto-mold adjustments have been made and that the roto-mold is in a queue to be part tested. 

Q. What are the dimensions of the Feather-Raft?

A. The dimensions are roughly 96 x 48 x 6 inches.

Q. How stable is the Feather-Raft? 

A. Click here to watch a review of the Feather-Raft's stability. 

Q. How does the Feather-Raft perform in choppy water? 

A. Click here to watch a video of the Feather-Raft out on the San Diego Bay.

Q. How do I assemble the wooden motor mount? 

A. Click here to watch an instructional video about how to assemble the wooden motor mount. 

Q. How do you set up your FEATHER-RAFT®? 

A. Click here to watch an instructional video about how to setup your Feather-Raft.

Q. Does the Feather-Raft need to be registered? 

A. Each state is different. Check with your state's regulatory agency. Every Feather-Raft comes with the necessary documentation for registration.

Q. Does the Feather-Raft come with accessories? 

A. Check with your local dealer for package deals. Additionally, there is an accessory kit which includes the removable motor mount, an 8 foot paddle, and the spin seat bucket lid.

Q. What is the max weight capacity of the Feather-Raft? 

A. Although we are Coast Guard exempt from having to publish a capacity for the Feather-Raft, The Feather-Raft is buoyant up to about 900 pounds. In calm water conditions, like lakes and gentle flowing rivers, we have safely and repeatedly used the Feather-Raft with a load of about 500 pounds. 

Q. How much does the Feather-Raft weigh? 

A. The molded foam Feather-Raft weighs about 50 pounds. The hand-made Feather-Raft weighs about 65 pounds, the roto-molded Feather-Raft weighs about 85 pounds.

Q. Which trolling motor is optimal for the Feather-Raft?

A. A 30-40 pound thrust trolling motor with a 36 inch shaft will weigh less, drain the battery slower, and will still get you moving. 

Q. What marine battery is optimal for the Feather-Raft?

A. At a minimum, we recommend a marine deep cycle, 27 DC, 650 MCA, and 100 AMP hours at 1 A.