Frequently Asked Questions


Q. What are the dimensions of the Feather-Raft?

A. The dimensions are roughly 96 x 48 x 6 inches.

Q. How stable is the Feather-Raft? 

A. Click here to watch a review of the Feather-Raft's stability. 

Q. How does the Feather-Raft perform in choppy water? 

A. Click here to watch a video of the Feather-Raft out on the San Diego Bay.

Q. How do I assemble the wooden motor mount? 

A. Click here to watch an instructional video about how to assemble the wooden motor mount. 

Q. How do you set up your FEATHER-RAFT®? 

A. Click here to watch an instructional video about how to setup your Feather-Raft.

Q. Does the Feather-Raft need to be registered? 

A. Each state is different, check with your state's regulatory agency. Every Feather-Raft comes with the necessary documentation for registration.

Q. Does the Feather-Raft come with accessories? 

A. Check with your local dealer for package deals. Additionally, there is an accessory kit which includes the removable motor mount, an 8 foot paddle, and the spin seat bucket lid.

Q. What is the max weight capacity of the Feather-Raft? 

A. The total weight capacity is 500 pounds, but buoyant up to 800 pounds.

Q. How much does the Feather-Raft weigh? 

A. The Feather-Raft weighs about 70 pounds. 

Q. Which trolling motor is optimal for the Feather-Raft?

A. A 30-40 pound thrust trolling motor with a 36 inch shaft will weigh less, drain the battery slower, and will still get you moving. 

Q. What marine battery is optimal for the Feather-Raft?

A. At a minimum, we recommend a marine deep cycle, 27 DC, 650 MCA, and 100 AMP hours at 1 A.

Q. When will the rotational molded model be available? 

A. On May 23rd 2019, we conducted test runs with the tooling. You can see some of that here: We are still honing a few items in the tooling and logistics. We expect that it will take a few more months of to get everything dialed in and running smoothly. 

Q. How can I help get this fabulous patented product on the market?

A. Easy, donate now at GoFundMe: