About Us


Keep watercraft simple, stable, and fun. Who want's to unfold, inflate, assemble, or otherwise toil with a float just to have it flip, flop, fold or pop? No one. The Feather-Raft was designed to be compact, stable, inherently buoyant, easy to transport, store, stack, or place on a roof rack. 


Elias Ruiz, a veteran of the US Navy, a middle school math and science teacher, an entrepreneur, and an avid outdoors-man is the master mind behind the Feather-Raft.  He has been experimenting with raft designs since 2008. The first raft was created and made from two liter bottles. It was designed so he could carry it single handedly and do the things he loved; bow-fish, fish, and hunt. He eventually designed something that he thought he could bring to the market.  That's when he applied for a utility patent and registered a couple trademarks. One trademark for the company name, and one for our first product. Currently, the Feather-Raft is patented and the idea is gaining attention.


Coalface Creations, LLC currently produces hand crafted Feather-Rafts. However, we are also testing the rotational molded Feather-Raft mold. Additionally, we also have two other means of mass production and are setting the foundation for the next version. Last, we are adding distributors and dealers to make it easier for you to get access to a Feather-Raft.